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Ordinance Ticket Processor

   An ordinance is a law or regulation enacted by the governing body of a municipality in order to enforce zoning, safety, parking, etc. regulations.  An Ordinance Ticket is issued by a municipality law officer when a violation of a specific ordinance has occurred.  The citizen to whom an Ordinance Ticket has been issued is afforded an opportunity to dispute the alleged violation before a Hearing Officer retained by the municipality.

The processing of Ordinance Tickets is defined by state law and requires multiple documents and strict record keeping.  Thus, processing requires large amounts of clerical time and attention and accounts for significant expenditure of municipality funds.

   JVM software's Ordinance Ticket Processor is a computer application organized by presenting multiple processing procedures on tabs.  Because the processing of a given ticket requires procedures on different days, this organization permits steps to be performed on different ticket batches as dictated by time.  The Ordinance Ticket Processor stores all ticket data in a secure database which permits time parameter tracking for all processing that is required once the data from a given ticket is entered into the Processor.  Required letters and documents are produced upon demand.  Summary reports are generated and viewed within the Processor with an option to print.

Using the Ordinance Ticket Processor will reduce processing time by approximately 50%!

Click to View Program Tab Page Functions Time Savings
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  • Ticket data entry
  • Prints Summons letter when data saved
  • Data are saved into secure database
  • No Summons letter preparation
  • Eliminates spreadsheet maintenance
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  • Populates ticket information automatically when Ticket ID entered
  • Saves payment amount, date, & type into database
  • Eliminates time spent finding ticket information
  • Saves payment amount, date, & type into database
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  • Search of database for existing ticket
  • Allows for search to be performed with one or more criteria
  • Presents relevant Ticket information when search is successful
  • Eliminates thumbing through Ticket hard copies
  • Displays hearing information without having to look through Adjudication records
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  • Automatically ages delinquent payment from the Ticket hearing date
  • Enables batch printing of Delinquent Payment letters
  • Eliminates time spent manually tracking delinquent payments
  • Obviates the need for manual production of delinquency letters
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  • Presents a list of Ticket recipients for selected hearing date
  • Batch prints the Hearing Documents for the selected Hearing Date
  • Enables the Hearing Administrator to record the fine and fee for each case heard
  • Eliminates manual preparation of Hearing Documents
  • Allows timely recording of Hearing fines and fees
  • Saves Hearing fine and fee data into the database
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  • Custom reports are presented on a menu
  • Data are retrieved seamlessly from the database based upon the Report desired
  • Each report selected is displayed on Reports Tab page; it can be printed if desired.
  • Eliminates time spent finding data.
  • Eliminates time spent constructing text/merge documents
  • The same Report can be produced at any time which can reduce paper document storage

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