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Computer Applications
Purchase Order SystemA Purchase Order System can be designed to produce orders linked to Inventory reorder quantities.  Vendor data are stored in the database and can be called up to populate name, address, telephone, etc. fields in order to save clerical time.  The PO System can provide data to a Receiving System so that fulfillment of the PO can be tracked.
Receiving SystemA Receiving System designed to account for time unloading, counting, and put away can provide data to a Billing System in addition to providing accurate item quantity and location to an Inventory System.  Vendor and carrier information can be collected in order to facilitate trouble resolution.
Shipping SystemIn companies in which Shipping and Receiving are the responsibility of one department, shipping functions can be integrated with a Receiving System.  Shipping documents such as package content lists are custom designed and printable at the Shipping Department location.  Item quantities shipped can be passed to an Inventory System.
Work Order SystemA Work Order System can be designed to enable multiple production areas that will have responsibility for completion of a part of a job to track the progress of the job through the company.  It is also possible to use the data to advise a customer about the progress of a job.  As a given Work Order moves through to completion, it is possible to collect time and material data which can then be utilized by a Billing System.
Job Tracking SystemA Job Tracking System can function as a stand alone application or it can be integrated with a Work Order System.
Job Time Allotment SystemA Job Time Allotment System can operate within a Work Order System or can be operated independently.  Data collected in time allotment procedures can measure actual time per task against expected time and produce efficiency of operation reporting.
Inventory SystemAn Inventory System is tailored to meet the demands of the business for which it is designed.  Retail businesses have different requirements than those of manufacturing businesses.  While underlying principles guide the design of any Inventory System, custom tailoring is essential to meet the specific needs of a given company.
Leads Fulfillment SystemA Leads Fulfillment System offers a means of maximizing the return from the efforts of sales and marketing personnel.  The data identifying leads may be provided electronically or require hand entry into the system. Depending upon the response to be made to a group of leads, the output of a Leads Fulfillment System has to provide instructions for the pulling of materials, assembly of materials into individual packages, and designate the means of distribution of the packages.
Billing SystemMost companies have an accounting system in place which can accept data electronically.  A Billing System is an application that collects data from the database behind other systems and organizes it into a format which can be uploaded into the accounting system in place.
Data Parsing SystemA Data Parsing System is primarily utilized by businesses which receive batches of variable data in variously formatted electronic files.  The data to be utilized are embedded among extraneous data.  A program must be written to extract the relevant data from the original file and then reformat the extracted data for use within the business.  A Data Parsing System is particularly useful in the electronic printing business world.
Email Marketing SystemAs email marketing campaigns gradually replace postal mailings, an Email Marketing System can be invaluable to save time and money, especially for small and medium sized businesses.  Such a system affords control of the message delivered but also the appearance of the information.  Colors and images are important in making the message appealing.
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