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Design Considerations The crucial aspect of program design, whether for a computer application or an Internet site, is thorough understanding of the business function that an application is to perform.   For this reason, each development project begins with the programmer spending time to learn the exact details of the client's business rules and processes that will be encompassed by the application to be developed.  The computer is willing and able to accomplish a myriad of tasks, but it must be told what to do in explicit, unequivocal detail.

Thorough understanding of business function leads to efficient design.  Efficient design translates into the speed of operation of the application.

Of great importance to small and medium size businesses is the expense of maintaining an application.  For this reason, all applications include a management module accessible only to designated management personnel.  This module affords the capability to manage nearly all application management tasks without incurring additional cost.  Below is a partial list of tasks which can be done from within an application.
•  Add/Remove users •  Change user permission levels
•  Change page or form information •  Add and remove inventory items
•  Change sale items •  Upload digital images of items
•  Add or Remove displayed items •  Set the order of item display
•  Edit item descriptions •  Make item price changes


Database   The database is the workhorse for any application.  It operates fully behind the scenes, but provides and/or stores virtually all of the information that must be added, accessed upon request, modified as needed, and saved recurrently.  Therefore, the database must accommodate all data manipulations in an efficient and reliable way.  In addition, periodic back up is absolutely necessary.

Database design is always the first step in creating an application and relies very heavily on the understanding of the business function the application will perform.  Good database design provides for efficiency of operation, ready expansion of size, and potential for integration into a larger system.  Furthermore, good database design fascilitates the writing of programming code, which frequently shortens development time.


Computer Applications   All computer applications can include email processing and sending functionality. Customized reporting--hard copy and/or electronic--is available for each as well as electronic data transfer to accounting systems, payroll systems, etc.  Even though work for clients generally begins with an application to perform a single function, effort is made to design the application so as to provide ease of integration with other applications if or when expansion of a business system is desirable.


Internet Sites   Design of Internet sites has become a rather confusing enterprise.  Much attention has been given to the inclusion of so-called bells and whistles to the detraction from focus on clean, user friendly operation.  In addition, search engines are giving preferential ranking to sites with links to other sites (The Importance of Directories and Text Links).

Despite all this, the Internet is a relatively inexpensive opportunity to enhance business and is increasingly becoming an indicator that your business is progressive and up to date.   By employing clean, uncluttered design methods, JVM software creates user friendly sites that convey information and enable sales to be made in a straight forward manner.
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